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Basic information about Ferro-phosphorus

Iron phosphate is obtained from the phosphorus furnace. It is phosphorus-containing 20-26%, 0.1-6% symbiosis of compounds containing silicon, can change the steel of anti-erodibility and chips. Phosphorus and iron in the steel industry as an alloying agent, can also produce phosphates.

Name: Ferro-phosphorus

Chinese name: iron phosphide

English name: Iron alloy, base, FeP

English alias: Ferrophosphorus

CAS number: 8049-19-2

Molecular formula: FeP

Molecular weight: 86.82

Mainly used for metallurgical special steel alloys and reducing agent.

Iron and steel products in General, phosphorus was harmful ingredients, but in some special products, the addition of phosphorus, can improve certain aspects of the performance. Ferro-phosphorus is widely used in rolling mills, automobile cylinder liners, engine shafts and large castings to increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance of mechanical parts. Part dissolves in ferrite phosphorus in steel, some big brittle compound is formed. Sharp decrease in ductility and toughness of steels at room temperature, while the brittle transition temperature.

Phosphorus iron can be used to make grenades, artillery shells, due to its brittle, you can get a lot of shrapnel after the explosion, enhance the efficiency of destruction.