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Carbon additive prices all rose

After new year's day, because of rising raw materials and carbon additive prices rising again and again,

1. the coal quality carburizing agent

Calcined coal carburant start raising prices as early as November 16, because manufacturers of calcined coal carbon additive concentrated in Ningxia region, coupled with the rate increase, raised coal, calcined coal carburant mainstream price exceed 2000 Yuan, Jiangsu Province between the tax-included price by 2300-2600.

2. petroleum coke carbon additive

Petroleum coke is based on crude oil by distillation of heavy fuel oil or other heavy oil as raw material at high velocity through the 500 c furnace furnace tube, in the condensation reaction of pyrolysis and Coke, coke time cold Coke, coke to produce petroleum coke. Petroleum coke, half graphite and low sulfur and nitrogen and carbon additive because of rising crude oil prices, as of January price has jumped 300-400 Yuan/ton/tons. Jiangsu petroleum coke price tax-included price 3000-3200 Yuan/ton, half graphitized petroleum coke price 4000-4200 Yuan/ton, low sulfur and nitrogen and carbon additive out of the tax-included price of 5000-5200 Yuan./t.