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Characteristics of silicon particles inoculant and scope

Silicon granular inoculant is direct cutting process of the silicon particles, its performance characteristics are:

1, breeds available, 1.5 minutes peaked, to 8-10 minutes after the recession is not pregnant;

2, reduce undercooling and chilling tendency, increasing the number of eutectic, forming a crystalline graphite, improving the section uniformity;

3, improve tensile strength, SiFe-1 nucleating ability, SiFe-2 fusible, less residue, have good instantaneous inoculation effect;

4, supplies the largest and cheapest price.

Scope of application:

HT200, 250, 300, gray iron castings production, due to recession-proof ability, if not later than after inoculation process, wall thickness difference is big, long casting time is not a satisfactory situation.