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Ferro-Silicon market-atmosphere

In ferrosilicon production costs and transport costs rose driven by silicon manufacturers raised its price of ferrosilicon, up mostly in 200-250 Yuan/ton, manufacturer price can be said to go to, but just downstream of the current situation, traders most is in a wait-and-see posture, get the will is not strong.

September in the late time paragraph, immediately will ushered in 11 gold week, many mills and trade Chamber of Commerce ahead of stock, manufacturers in this time paragraph price, also can said is first to market is buffer period, price zhihou currently market sold less, go goods currently more to zhiqian of orders mainly, again plus today began implementation traffic transport new rules, carries volume more zhiqian compared reduced has 8-10 tons/car, transport price rose, trade business also said wants to, market and freight are more stable of when again line procurement.