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Ferrosilicon and Silicon-manganese year-round maintenance ladder rally

Goods daily reporter after Combs data found, a quarter Silicon manganese alloy by minimum bit 3800 Yuan/tons soared to 6000 Yuan/tons, gains up to 58%, rally lasting, interval maintained in 3 months around; II quarter Hou market trend completely reverse, as June end of, by highest bit 6000 Yuan/tons fell to 4600 Yuan/tons, fell range up 23%; into July Hou, early incremental starts of manufacturers into losses edge, reduced of production and the environmental group of stationed in, price by 4800 Yuan/tons started, In early August highs 7300 Yuan/ton, rising as high as 52%, hit year highs; in late August along with environmental groups over withdrawal of operating rate increase in September, steel production compared with August, prices dropped thousands, this round of month-long market came to an end. In mid-September, with manganese ore price push after the domestic ports, combined with the 21st transport the introduction of the new deal, a variety of factors that stack, manganese silicon manufacturers offer domestic chaos increases initiated by the 5800 Yuan/ton, quickly jump up to 7000 Yuan/ton a week increase and reach thousands, many steel mills accelerated in October, the procurement and production than in September showed a significant increase.

Some business people in Northwest China with respect, Silicon manganese prices held steady in early November running, manufacturers offer of 7900-8100 Yuan/ton, starting mid-range-bound price, to quote of the month rose by about 400 Yuan/ton. Recent strong wait-and-see mood in the market, volume was relatively small. SI-MN 6517 spot market remains chaotic, willingness to offer well factory, waiting for the steel mill strike price, consider shipping.