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Knowledge of ferrosilicon

(1) used as deoxidizers and alloy additives in the steel-making industry. In order to obtain qualified steel and chemical composition to ensure the quality of steel, steel deoxidation of final phase must, chemical affinity between oxygen and Silicon is very large, thus ferrosilicon is deoxidation steel strong reducing agent used for sedimentation and diffusion. Add a number of Silicon in steel, can significantly improve the strength, hardness, and elasticity of steel, smelting steel (SI 0.40-1.75%), tool steel (including SiO.30-1.8%), spring steel (including SiO.40-2.8%) and transformer silicon steel (Silicon-containing 2.81-4.8%), also used as an alloying agent ferrosilicon.

In addition, in the steel-making industry, using ferrosilicon powder vinyl Burns at a high temperature can emit a lot of heat this characteristic, ingot hat is often used as a heating agent used to improve the quality of ingots and recovery.

(2) used as inoculants in the iron industry and nodulizer. Cast iron is one of the most important metal in modern industry, it's cheaper than steel, easy to melt melting and excellent casting performance and much better than steel seismic capacity. Particularly ductile iron, its mechanical properties are at or close to the mechanical properties of steel. In cast iron, formed by adding a certain amount of Silicon can prevent iron carbide, promote the precipitation of graphite and balls, and in the production of spheroidal graphite cast iron, ferrosilicon is a vital Inoculants (helped precipitated graphite) and nodulizer.

(3) the Ferroalloy production is used as a reducing agent. Chemical affinity between the silicon and oxygen is not only big and high-silicon low carbon content in ferrosilicon. High silicon-Silicon iron (or siliceous alloys) in the Ferroalloy industry is production of low carbon iron alloy is commonly used as a reducing agent.