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Let us introduce you our FeP

Phosphorus from iron in the phosphorus furnace. It is phosphorus 20-26%, 0.1 6% of symbiotic compounds containing silicon, can change and resistance to corrosion of steel scraps. Phosphorus in the steel industry as the iron alloy agent, can also produce phosphate. 

Alloy additives for use in the metallurgical and deoxidizer. 

In the general steel products, phosphorus is harmful ingredients, but in some special products, the addition of phosphorus, can improve the performance of certain aspects of steel. 

Phosphorus iron is widely used in roll, auto cylinder liner, engine roller and large castings in order to increase mechanical parts corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. 

Phosphorus in the steel sections, soluble in ferrite formation of brittle compounds. Make the room temperature plasticity and toughness of steel reduced sharply, at the same time make the brittle transition temperature. 

Phosphorus iron can be used to create grenades and artillery shells, because of their sexual brittle, can get a lot of shrapnel, after the blast increase the efficiency of the killer.