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let we introduce our Ferro Silicon

Ferrosilicon is coke, scrap steel, quartz (or silica) as raw material, made of electric furnace smelting. Traditional steel net of person of outstanding ability of refining ferrosilicon, silicon from reduction of silica containing SIO2. Most of smelting ferrosilicon using metallurgical coke reducing agent, steel scrap is ferrosilicon regulator.

FerroSilicon in the steel industry, foundry industry, and other widely used in industrial production.

Silicon is indispensable deoxidizer in steel industry. Torch in steel, silicon is used to precipitate DNA and the DNA of diffusion. Adobe iron alloy agent used in steelmaking. Adding a certain amount of silicon steel, can significantly improve the strength of steel, hardness and elasticity, improve steel permeability, reduce transformer steel hysteresis losses. Generally contains silicon 0.15% 0.35% in steel, structural steel containing silicon in 0.40% ~ 1.75%, and silicon containing 0.30% ~ 0.30% of tool steel, spring steel containing 0.40% ~ 2.80% silicon, silicon acid-proof stainless steel containing 3.40% ~ 4.00%, the heat resistant steel containing 1.00% ~ 3.00% silicon, silicon steel, silicon containing 2% ~ 3% or higher.