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Let us introduce you our SiMn alloy

Silicon Manganese alloy Is made and a small amount of carbon and manganese, silicon and iron alloy, and other elements, is a kind of application widely, larger output of ferroalloys. Manganese silicon alloy is the commonly used compound deoxidizer, steel and low carbon ferromanganese production and electrical silicon thermal process in the production of manganese metal reducing agent.

1, Guimeng alloy USES: [1] 

Guimeng alloy mainly as iron and steel production of deoxidizing agent and alloy agent in the middle of the material, is also the main raw material of low and medium carbon ferromanganese production 

2, silicon manganese alloy production methods: 

Guimeng alloys are at the same time in the ore heat furnace using carbon reduction manganese ore (including rich manganese slag) and silica in the refining production of manganese oxide and silicon dioxide.