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Our calcined bauxite

Calcined Bauxite is obtained by calcining (heating) superior grade Bauxite at high temperature (from 850   C to 1600   C). This removes moisture thereby increasing the alumina content. Compared to an alumina content of about 57 % to 58 % in raw Bauxite, Calcined Bauxite has an alumina content of 84 % to 88 %. The heating is carried out in rotary kilns. Ashapura currently operates three kilns (capacity 90,000 TPA) at its state-of-the-art plant in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Calcination is done at different temperatures ranging from 850   C to 1600   C depending upon the customer  s requirement.

We produce Calcined Bauxite for various applications such as refractory bricks, abrasives, stee