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Our featured product----Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon is an alloy of Iron and Silicon, offered by us, having between 72% to 75% silicon. Ferro Silicon also contains high proportion of iron Silicides. The Ferro Silicon, we are offering featured with melting point of about 1200   C to 1250   C with a boiling point of 2355   C. Ferro Silicon nickel deoxidizing properties also prevent loss of carbon from the molten steels. For all that, we have counted among the leading manufacturers if Ferro Silicon.

Features :

An alloy of Iron and Silicon

Between 72% to 75% silicon

High proportion of iron Silicides

Melting point of about 1200   C to 1250   C

Boiling point of 2355   C

Nickel deoxidizing properties

Applications :

Steel plants

Steel and pig iron industries

Dry battery cells (mno2)

Sizes available : 10 to 100 mm