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Poor demand highlights high silicon silicomanganese market decline does not change

Recently of high silicon Silicon manganese needs not Chang is highlights, despite high silicon manganese manufacturers rare, capacity release low, but stainless steel market production obviously, coupled with steel enterprises back paragraph risk larger, trade business more no store goods intends to, overall, downstream market on high silicon Silicon manganese demand has reduction no increased, most manufacturers said shipping situation not optimistic, downstream I has polling disc phone also only to inquiry end, market sold not active. Overall, the imbalance between supply and demand in the market pattern has not changed, combining upstream and downstream markets, short term high silicon silicomanganese market there is positive change.

Price aspects, for sold rare, many manufacturers shipping mentality negative, foreign quotes slightly explicit messy, currently Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia area high silicon Silicon manganese 6027 mainstream quotes concentrated in 6200-6300 Yuan/tons factory acceptance containing tax real heavy, high quotes 6400 Yuan/tons, lower quotes 6000 Yuan/tons factory acceptance real heavy, from market sold view, level quotes differences does not brings volume differences, sold weak highlights, however by cost support, high silicon Silicon manganese future has difficult has larger down space, Vulnerable consolidation will continue for some time.

Inner Mongolia higher Silicon-manganese factories so far this year, customers purchase 50% less, prices are way down, falling endlessly, in view of this, now has shifted to manganese 6517, it is learnt that the surrounding higher Silicon-manganese factories also have been shut down or cut production, or production orders according to customer demand, early consumption, at present no inventory. A high silicon-manganese plant in Northwest China also said that lower demand has shrunk dramatically this year, currently has capacity release reduction of 30%, barely maintaining some old customers.