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The main function of micro Silicon Powder

Micro Silicon powder to fill pores between the cement particles, and the hydration gels, reacts with alkaline material magnesium oxide gel. In cement in concrete, mortar and refractory castables, mixed with the right amount of Silica fume, can play a role are as follows:

1, significantly improve the compressive, flexural resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to impact and abrasion resistance.

2, has a water retention and prevent segregation, bleeding, sharply reducing the resistance of the concrete pumping function.

3, significantly extending the life of concrete. Especially in chloride sulphate erosion, erosion, high humidity and other adverse circumstances, can improve the durability of concrete 1 time or even several times.

4, a significant reduction in spray concrete floor grey and castable, improved single layer thickness.

5, is the essential component of high-strength concrete, C150 engineering application of concrete.

6, is about 5 times the effect of cement, in concrete application reduces costs and low cement castable. for improved durability.

7, effectively prevent the occurrence of concrete alkali-aggregate reaction.

8, improving compactness of cast refractory. In Al2O3 coexist, are more likely to produce mullite, its high temperature strength, thermal shock resistance is increased.