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What are the metallurgical or material scientists know but ordinary people do not know?

  1. Our daily life in the hardware store can buy the hand can bend the movement, generally can not be called steel wire, called wire just fine, usually galvanized wire. Steel wires are fine enough to bend, but they are not as common and common in everyday life as wire.

  2. There are two kinds of iron, one is carbon content, lower than steel, known as industrial pure iron, one is carbon content higher than steel, called cast iron.

  3. Rare earth is not only rare soil, but there are many rare metal oxides, China is the largest country of rare earth resources, more reserves, exports are also many.

  4. Aviation materials and aerospace materials is not the same thing, aviation grade aluminum alloy is not equal to aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Aerospace materials for environmental requirements are relatively high, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, but aviation materials need long life, fatigue, fly out, have to fly back, ten years, eight years can not happen.

  5. The blast furnace can only be refined iron, steel can not be produced. Steel is mainly produced by converter or electric furnace.

  6. The material forming process is not understood by the material organization. The vegetables and cooking with a truth, even if you put foreign aircraft spacecraft stolen one by one apart to see, I don't know what it is to do it.

  7. We eat lunch boxes, drinking water cups are stamped out. For stamping die and bit down on the board, or the cost is too high, the loss of raw materials is too large.

  8. Alloy and composite are not the same thing, alloy is several kinds of metal together, mainly by atomic gap filling and atomic replacement to strengthen. Composite materials are metals, some are not metals, and the structure of composite materials is equivalent to reinforced concrete. The reinforcement is a kind of carbon fiber arranged in an orderly way, and concrete is metal wrapped outside the fiber. Fiber is the skeleton of the composite, and the metal matrix is the meat of the composite. The

  9. Space is not clear, but because of the lightweight principle, now most important parts of the plane steel is used in several places, on the plane with the steel mostly ultra high strength steel, mainly used in aircraft landing gear or some weighing connections, but accounted for the proportion of the aircraft is not too high, accounting for steel about 5%-10% of the weight of the plane. Are generally titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, composite materials, and so on more. So, there is a problem, some people say that the aviation industry and the steel industry how related, is not very accurate.

  10. 3D printing is not so. Someone can blow out that is the beginning of a new revolution in science and technology, I think the current development although the great potential but is just beginning, far from blowing so severe. This technology is currently only used in the plastics industry, there is only one known as selective laser sintering technology belongs to the powder metallurgy, the metal is grinded into powder and then sintering by laser range and location can be specified, in analogy to the ancient ceramic. But after the powder burn out, if not the strength big pressure pressure enough. And 3D printing must also be more complex structure, such a complex structure, how pressure is a big problem. (then we checked and now we can use laser sintering to make a plane. It seems that some problems may have been solved, and we hope that 3D printing can develop better.)

  11. Powder metallurgy is not the same as traditional metallurgy. Metallurgy is the removal of impurities from ores and the smelting of usable metals. Powder metallurgy is the construction of precision components, a material forming process.

  12. Factory pressure is called pressure, no one called pressure, established.

  13. Qquenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing, referred to as the "four fire".

  14. Mills machines are generally not open up would stop, three shifts of workers can not stop the machine, because after stopping the machine to re open heating costs more expensive than human resources.

  15. Austenitic 304 is an ordinary stainless steel, as long as polished well, any metal will have baby skin like touch.

  16. In the process of processing, not to say that the harder the material, the greater the strength, the better, should be based on the use of materials to determine, the harder the material processing is too difficult, the rate of rejection is high.

  17. 502 glue your hands, dip your hands in the acetone. Acetone really does harm to people, but it's better to dip it occasionally than 502 with your hands.

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