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What kind of Coke for metallurgical Silicon?

Coke is the main raw material in ferrosilicon smelting, ferrosilicon smelting reduction agent, so ask for Coke in the fixed carbon content the higher the better, more than 84 respectively, while lower Coke ash. Due to high ash content of Coke, slag increases, about to cut because of the ash contains 60 hours AI2O3 Kok aluminium oxide, resulting in slag viscosity is not easy to rule out. In addition, coke joined the furnace with high ash content material surface can be easily fired, affecting the breathability. Thus, coke ash content should be less than 13.

Most of the carbon in the coke is in the form of fixed carbon, carbon is but a few hours often referred to as volatile hydrocarbons setting form. Volatile ran away from this part of the hydrocarbons at high temperatures, so Coke volatiles content of not more than 2.

In addition to coke chemical composition requirements, the physical performance requirements. Coke resistance at high temperatures, the greater, deeper the electrodes into the charge, help increase temperature, thereby expanding the crucible. The porosity of Coke, not only a high resistance, surface area, increasing the reaction area, accelerating the speed of chemical reactions.