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2016 Ferrosilicon Industry Events

1. on January 1, 2017, ferrosilicon lowered tariffs to 20%

On December 23, the tax authority [2016]31, the General Administration of Customs: in accordance with the customs tariff Commission of the State Council notice on 2017 tariff adjustment programmes, ferrosilicon export duties since January 1, 2017 from the current 25% down to a provisional 20%.

2. Shanghai Baowu iron and steel group, China inaugurated

On December 1, the Wuhan iron and steel group and Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation reorganized the establishment of Shanghai unveiling Baowu iron and steel group in China. Reorganization of the Baowu steel group with total assets of more than 700 billion yuan, annual production could reach 60 million tons, the second largest in the world. In addition to its impressive outside, which leads China's iron and steel industry capacity, adjusting the structure, increase efficiency, substantive progress was made. On September 22, both companies also released the merger report, Baosteel Group became the parent company after the restructuring, gratuitous to the Wuhan iron and steel group as a whole, as its wholly owned subsidiary. On June 26, 2016, and steel production capacity on the supply side structural reform context, China's largest steelmaker Baosteel Group and the first Chinese steelmaker Wuhan iron and steel group's new announcement officially confirmed by listed company reorganization and merger.

3. Xuan Gang has once again been invited to participate in national river steel chemical analysis of ferrosilicon precision experiments

In mid-December, xisco River steel upon steel technology centre laboratories participated in the Organization of the China iron and steel Association the national determination of Silicon content in ferrosilicon standards, standards for infrared carbon and sulphur determination precision of experiments. After 2014 steel laboratory participated in the fluorescence analysis of ferrosilicon standard precision experiments, its accurate and reliable data access standard organization units at home, this time invited by the iron and steel industry association as one of the 8 precision laboratories, once again national standard of chemical analysis of ferrosilicon precision experiments.