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A Detailed Introduction To CaSi Cored Wire

    Cable (electric cable; power cable): usually consisting of several or several groups of conductors. Definition 1: Made from one or more insulated conductors and an outsourced insulating protective layer, transferring power or information from one place to another.CaSi Cored Wire
    Definition 2: Usually a cable similar to a rope made from several or a group of conductors (at least two at each group), insulated from each other and often twisted around a center, with a highly insulated covering of the entire outer bread. The cable has the characteristics of internal power and external insulation. Category: Cable has power cable, control cable, compensating cable, shielded cable, high temperature cable, computer cable, signal cable, coaxial cable, fire-resistant cable, marine cable, mine cable, aluminum alloy cable and so on. They are composed of single or multiple strands of wire and insulating layer, which are used to connect circuits, electrical appliances, etc. The cable can be divided into DC cable and AC cable according to the system of PV power station.CaSi Cored Wire
    The principle of ellipsis in the model: wire and cable products in the copper is the main use of conductor materials, so the copper core code T write, but bare wires and bare conductor products except. Bare wires and bare conductor products, power cable category, electromagnetic wire products do not indicate the large class code, electrical equipment, wire and cable classes and communication cables are not listed, but the list of small categories or series code. The 7th item is a variety of special occasions or additional special use requirements of the mark, after the "-" to phonetic mark. Sometimes to highlight the item, write the item to the front. such as ZR (flame retardant), Nh (refractory), Wdz (Low smoke halogen-free, enterprise standards), Th-(used in hot and humid areas), Fy (Termite protection, enterprise standards) and so on.CaSi Cored Wire
    This product is suitable for the nuclear power plant rated voltage UO 0. Cable for control and signal connection used in Z. 1kv control system network. The cable conductor allows a long-term operating temperature of 90 Shan, and the maximum temperature of a cable conductor is no more than 250 Shan in short circuit and lasts no more than 5 seconds. The ambient temperature should not be less than 0 Shan when laying the cable. Cable laying allow bending radius: No armored cable, should not be less than 6 times times the diameter of the cable, armored or copper tape shielding results of the cable, should not be less than 12 times times the diameter of the cable has a shielded structure of soft cable, should not be less than 6 times times the diameter of the cable.CaSi Cored Wire