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CaSi Cored Wire Take You To Understand The Other Cable Industry Applications

     Photovoltaic cables are often exposed to sunlight, and solar systems are often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. In Europe, sunny days will cause the solar system's field temperature to be as high as 100°c. At present, we can use a variety of materials have PVC, rubber, TPE and high-quality cross-linked materials, but unfortunately, the rated temperature is 90°c rubber cable, and even the rated temperature of 70°c PVC cable is often used outdoors, at present, the National Golden Sun works frequently, there are many contractors in order to save costs, do not choose the solar system dedicated cable, but the choice of ordinary PVC cable to replace the photovoltaic cable, obviously, this will greatly affect the system's service life.CaSi Cored Wire
     The characteristics of photovoltaic cable is determined by its cable-specific insulating material and sheath material, which we call cross-linked PE, the molecular structure of the cable material will change after irradiation by the irradiation accelerator, thus providing its performance. Anti-mechanical load in fact, during installation and maintenance, cables can be routed over the sharp edges of the roof structure, while the cables are subjected to pressure, bending, tension, cross tensile loads and strong shocks. If the cable sheath strength is not enough, the cable insulation layer will be seriously damaged, thus affecting the entire service life of the cable, or lead to short-circuit, fire and personnel injury hazards such as the emergence of problems. In Pearlite ductile iron matrix, pearlite occupies more than 80% of nodular cast iron (ductile iron).CaSi Cored Wire
     Chinese national standard qt600-2, qt700-2, qt800-2 three kinds of brand ductile iron belong to this type. This type of ductile iron is usually obtained by normalizing treatment, and can be obtained by adding alloying elements and cooperating with the process measures. It is mainly used for manufacturing parts with high strength, certain fatigue strength and wear resistance, such as diesel crankshaft, connecting rod and so on.CaSi Cored Wire
     DC Cable: A series cable between components and components. The parallel cable between the group string and its group to the DC Distribution box (confluence box). DC Power Distribution box to the inverter cable. The above cables are DC cable, outdoor laying more, need moisture, sunscreen, cold, heat, anti-ultraviolet, some special environment also need to acid alkali and other chemical substances.CaSi Cored Wire
     AC Cable: The connecting cable of the inverter to the step-up transformer. The connection cable of the step-up transformer to the distribution unit. A power distribution device to the power grid or to a user's connecting cable. This part of the cable for AC load cable, indoor environment laid more, can be selected according to General power cable selection requirements.CaSi Cored Wire