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Casting Additive Carburant Blocks

            The diffusion method of metal carbide cladding is to place the workpiece in a special medium, and to form a metal carbide layer with a layer of micron to dozens of microns on the surface of the workpiece.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks

           The carbide layer has very high hardness, HV can reach 1600~3000 (determined by the type of carbide), in addition, the carbide layer and substrate metallurgy, does not affect the workpiece surface finish, with very high wear resistance, occlusal (adhesion), corrosion resistance and other properties, can greatly improve the working life of mold and mechanical parts.

           Through the formation of Superhard compound film on the surface of workpiece, it is an effective and economical method to improve the performance of wear-resisting, occlusal-resisting and corrosion-resisting, so as to greatly advance its service life. At present, there are mainly physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physicochemical vapor deposition (PCVD), the diffusion method of metal carbide layer technology, in which the PVD method has the advantages of low deposition temperature and small deformation of workpiece, but due to the poor bonding of the membrane layer and the matrix, the process is not good, it is often difficult to play the superior properties of the Superhard compound film. CVD method has the advantages of good adhesion of membrane and good plating, but for a large number of steel materials, the subsequent matrix hardening treatment is troublesome, slightly careless, the membrane layer is easy to destroy. Therefore, its application mainly concentrates on the hard alloy and so on material. Low deposition temperature of pcvd method, membrane-binding and process-plating are better than PVD method, but compared with the diffusion method, there is still a big gap between the membrane base knot and the Pcvd method is still a plasma film, although the coating is better than the PVD method, but it can not be eliminated.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks

           Metal carbide cladding formed by diffusion method of metal carbide cladding, combined with the formation of metallurgical substrate, with PVD, PCVD can not be compared to the membrane base knot, so the technology can really play the superior performance of the super Hard film layer, in addition, the technology does not exist around the plating problem, the subsequent matrix hardening treatment is convenient, and can be repeated repeatedly processing, so that the applicability of the technology is more extensive.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks