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Casting Additive Carburant Blocks Impact

Effect of Rare Earth Additives on Conductivity of Carbide Blocks for Upper Casting Additive Carburant Blocks What are the effects of rare earth additives on the electrical properties of the carbides on the cast additive? Rare earth additives in addition to the casting agent in the application of carbon carbide blocks, but also in the magnetic materials, glass ceramics, petrochemical, light industry and textile, agriculture, forestry and medicine has been widely used. Oxygen-free copper rod is one of the basic materials for producing high quality wire and cable. On the casting additive carbide block is a high-tech, with "the furnace seal is good, Casting Additive Carburant Blocks the cast rod diameter is small, high production efficiency" and other advantages, of course, there are more than to avoid the defects. For example, on the casting additive carbides on the carbide block cast additive carbide blocks, Casting Additive Carburant Blocks resulting in the copper rod on the lead fracture, so that the lead process can not be carried out. Then we now get to the press, Casting Additive Carburant Blocks to introduce the "rare earth additives on the casting additive carbide carbide conductive effect."

The production line mainly includes melting furnace, holding furnace, mold, traction device, vibrating mounted, lifting mechanism, take the device.

The principle of casting method is shown in Fig. The copper liquid in the stove is injected into the mold through the crystallizer flow hole, and when the rod is protruding into the mold, the copper liquid is solidified at the end to form the copper rod due to the low temperature of the rod. When the lead is pulled up, copper liquid down from the flow hole into the product, due to the cooling water ashamed to use, crystallization continues to achieve, forming a continuous copper rod.

Melting furnace, holding furnace with a combination of core frequency frequency electric furnace, roasting furnace copper directly transferred to the insulation furnace. The holding furnace is equipped with a crystallizer, and the cast copper is pulled up by the traction device (the speed is controlled). The lifting mechanism controls the mold lift. The vibrating device vibrates at a certain frequency to improve the crystal structure. Take the device will be copper rod finished reel.