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Casting Ferro Manganese

           The manganese in the original molten iron can play a certain role in desulfurization, and the combination of manganese and sulphur to form MNS into the slag is removed. After the ball treatment, the molten iron contains sulfur, oxygen is very few, the sulfur oxygen and magnesium or rare earth can form the stable compound, manganese no longer plays the desulfurization function. Therefore, a small amount of manganese in ductile iron can also play a role in the alloy, and give full play to stabilize carbide and pearlite. Due to increasing the amount of manganese, the increase and refinement of pearlite can increase the strength and hardness, but reduce the plasticity and toughness. High manganese content appears carbide and deteriorates mechanical properties.Casting Ferro Manganese

           Manganese is a carbide-forming element. During the process of the transformation, manganese reduces the temperature of the eutectic transformation, stabilizes and refines the pearlite. Increasing the brittle transition temperature, increasing the manganese 0.1% in ferrite nodular iron, and increasing the brittle transition temperature by about 10-12 degrees. Increase the tendency of shrinkage.Casting Ferro Manganese

           The segregation of manganese in heavy castings is serious. The solubility of manganese in austenite with high silicon content is very small, it is enriched in the molten metal liquid, the Eutectic group that is growing is crowding it, and finally, the manganese is enriched to the Eutectic group boundary, which forms pearlite or carbide. A net carbide is formed when severe. Seriously affect mechanical properties, and it is difficult to eliminate heat treatment.

           The heavy castings should prevent the segregation of manganese; the thin-walled castings should prevent one-time cementite, and the cast ferrite ductile iron should also prevent a cementite and too much pearlite. These three kinds of situation hope that the lower the manganese, the better, according to the existing burden conditions, the general requirements of manganese less than 0.5%. Of course, the annealed ferrite ductile iron, also hope that the lower the manganese, the general requirements of manganese less than 0.6%.Casting Ferro Manganese

           As the manganese promotes the formation of a of carbides, the role of the stable pearlite is more than copper, tin poor, so the pearlite ductile iron also do not want to use high manganese to ensure the number of pearlite, and the use of a proper amount of copper or normalizing process to stabilize or ensure the number of pearlite. Manganese content is generally controlled in 0.4-0.6%.Casting Ferro Manganese