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Casting Ferro Manganese

            The recommended method is to separate EDTA titration by copper reagent to determine the content of aluminum in pig iron, cast iron and alloy cast iron. The method is applicable to the determination of aluminum content of mass fraction 0.5%-10% in Yu Sentie, cast iron and alloy cast iron. Principle: The sample is dissolved with acid, perchlorate smoke (a large amount of chromium can add sodium chloride to the formation of chromium chloride removal), in the micro-acidic solution, add copper reagent, tantalum reagent separation of titanium, iron, nickel and other interference elements.Casting Ferro Manganese

            The samples containing rare earth and high manganese were separated by benzoic acid in the acidic solution with rare earths and large amounts of FE and MN, and then the copper reagent was precipitated to separate the elements such as Ti and Fe. After the separation of the solution, adding the excessive EDTA, so that with the aluminum complexation, and then adjust the solution PH6, around, with two-cresol orange as a indicator, using zinc standard titration solution titration. Then with the fluorine ions to replace the aluminum complex with the EDTA, and then the zinc standard titration solution for the titration, according to the consumption of zinc standard titration solution volume, calculate the aluminum quality fraction.Casting Ferro Manganese

            Weighing about 0.2-0.4 grams of specimens (aluminum with a mass fraction of 0.5%-1%, weighing 0.4 grams, aluminum's mass fraction is greater than (1%, weighing 0.20 grams), accurate to 0.0001 grams.Casting Ferro Manganese