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Chemical Properties Of Ferro Silicon 75%

     Ferrosilicon is an iron and silicon alloy. Ferrosilicon is an iron-silicon alloy made from Coke, steel chips, quartz (or silica) as raw material and smelted from electric furnace. Since silicon and oxygen are easy to synthesize silica, ferrosilicon is often used as a deoxidation agent in steelmaking, and it is also beneficial to increase the temperature of molten steel at the same time because of the large amount of heat released when SiO2 is produced.Ferro Silicon 75%
     At the same time, Ferrosilicon can also be used as alloying element addition agent, widely used in low alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resisting heat and electrical silicon Steel, ferrosilicon in ferroalloy production and chemical industry, commonly used as reducing agent in smelting structural Steel (0.40-1.75%), tool steel (including Sio. 30-1.8%) , spring steel (including Sio. 40-2.8%) and Transformers for silicon steel (including silicon 2.81-4.8%), the use of Ferrosilicon as an alloy, the use of Ferrosilicon:Ferro Silicon 75%
     Used as deoxidation agent and alloy agent in steelmaking industry. In order to obtain the chemical composition of qualified steel and ensure the quality of steel, in the final stage of steelmaking must be deoxidation, the chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is very large, so ferrosilicon is a stronger deoxidation agent for precipitation and diffusion deoxidation. Add a certain amount of silicon to the steel it can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel, thus, when smelting structural steels (including silicon 0.40-1.75%), tool steels (including Sio. 30-1.8%), spring steel (including Sio 40-2.8%) and silicon Steel for transformers (including Silicon 2.81-4.8%), The Ferrosilicon is also used as an alloy agent.Ferro Silicon 75%
     Ferrosilicon is widely used in steel industry, foundry industry and other industrial production. Ferrosilicon is an essential deoxidation agent in steelmaking industry. In the torch Steel, Ferrosilicon is used to precipitate deoxidation and diffusion deoxidation. Ferro Silicon 75%
     Brick iron is also used as an alloy for steelmaking. Adding a certain amount of silicon in steel can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel, improve the permeability of steel and reduce the hysteresis loss of transformer steel. General steel containing silicon 0.15%-0.35%, silicon in structural steels 0.40%~1.75%, silicon in tool steels 0.30%~1.80%, silicon in spring steel, 0.40%~2.80%, stainless steel containing silicon 3.40%~4.0%, Silicon 1.00%~3.0%, Silicon steel contains $number or higher.Ferro Silicon 75%