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Deoxidation Effect Of Deoxidizer Ferro Silicon Balls

Silicon, calcium, carbon multifunction deoxidation agent is suitable for the use of converter steel, it has a strong deoxidation, desulfurization capacity, but also to reduce the inclusion in steel, improve the fluidity of molten steel, reduce the gas effect of steels significantly and other functions. After use, it can increase the yield of alloy, reduce the consumption of alloy and reduce the cost of production.Deoxidizer Ferro Silicon Balls 

The use of the product for the pre-deoxidation not only simplifies the deoxidation process, but also facilitates on-site management. This product uses the craft to operate simply, also does not pollute to the environment, therefore its use comprehensive economic benefit is remarkable, the foreground is broad.Deoxidizer Ferro Silicon Balls

There is also a certain amount of SI and C in the multifunctional deoxidation agent of silicon and calcium. Another feature of the multifunctional deoxidation agent for silicon and calcium, it is fine granular, compared with other block compound deoxidation agent containing calcium or barium, its dissolution is affected by the boundary concentration is small, dissolve quickly, improve the reaction speed, and thus improve the utilization of calcium, silicon, carbon and other elements. This is basically the same as the principle of high recovery rate of ladle feeder alloy elements.Deoxidizer Ferro Silicon Balls

The multifunctional deoxidation agent with silicon calcium and carbon has better desulfurization effect. The average desulfurization rate of the smelting carbon steel is up to $number, and the best smelting 20MnSi can reach about 45% average. If the end-deoxidation agent is used, the sulphur content of steelmaking endpoint can reach 0.005-0.100%, which can not only reduce the lime adding amount of desulfurization, but also reduce the iron consumption, reduce the erosion of the lining and the consumption of the lining, and finally achieve the aim of further reducing the cost.Deoxidizer Ferro Silicon Balls