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Description Of Defects In Casting Additive Carburant Blocks

Cast wear-resisting manganese steel is the longest-history, the most widely used category. In particular, the standard type of MNL3 high manganese steel, manganese and carbon content is high, the cast of steel structure for austenite and carbide, after 1050 ℃ water toughness treatment, most of the carbide solid soluble in austenite.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks 

The microstructure of Steel is Tansiango and austenite plus a small amount of carbide, which has good plasticity, toughness and non-magnetic characteristics. Because the austenite has the structure of the cubic lattice of the surface core. The crack propagation rate is very low and the use is safe and reliable.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks

Another characteristic of the steel is that under the action of the larger impact load and the contact stress, the surface layer will quickly produce the hardened layer, and the surface hardness rises rapidly (up to 500~700HBW); the surface has good abrasion resistance, and the interior still maintains good toughness. The impact load does not rupture. Mechanical and explosive methods can be used to harden the surface before use.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks 

This kind of steel used for impact abrasive wear and high stress grinding abrasive wear conditions, our common place for Raymond Mill Ring, grinding roller, ball mill liner, hammer broken hammer, excavator bucket teeth, tractor crawler board. High manganese steel national standards and related international standards.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks

Ensure the quality score is up to par. There are two main functions of carbon in high manganese steel, one is favorable to form Tansiango's body tissue and the other is solid solution strengthening. The carbon content increases, the strength hardness increases, the plasticity and the toughness decrease. The carbon element should be uniformly dissolved in the austenite. Manganese is an element of stabilizing austenite, the amount of manganese increases, and the strength, plasticity and impact toughness of high manganese steel are increased.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks 

The manganese-carbon ratio is better than 10, and the MN-C ratio is less than 1O to improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel. Phosphorus in high manganese steel is a harmful element, phosphorus in Austenite solubility is low, easy to form brittle phosphorus eutectic, greatly reduce its mechanical properties and wear resistance, increase steel hot and cold crack tendency. High phosphorus intake and low carbon castings cracked.Casting Additive Carburant Blocks