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Details Of Steelmaking With Ferro Silicon Lumps

     Smelting ferrosilicon is generally used in mine furnace, which is produced by continuous operation method. The so-called continuous operation method, is with the burden of heat after the continuous reaction and melting, so that the material surface corresponding decline; The amount of alloy accumulated in the furnace is periodically released. During the whole smelting process, the electrode is inserted deep inside the burden and does not reveal the arc, so the heat loss is less and the furnace temperature is high.Ferro Silicon Lumps
     Because of these characteristics of ferrosilicon smelting, the whole smelting process is not staged, this method is called continuous operation method. In addition, it is also useful for smelting ferrosilicon with blast furnaces. However, because of its low temperature, the product silicon content is about 10~20﹪, now generally do not use blast furnace smelting ferrosilicon. Most of the reducing agents used in smelting ferrosilicon are metallurgical coke. Metallurgical Coke coking in the process of coking temperature is about the formation of 1100~1300℃ Coke, so also known as Metallurgical Coke for high-temperature Coke or full coke. Coking temperature about 600~800℃ and formed by Coke called Low temperature Coke or char. Gas Coke is a low-temperature coke, the so-called gas Coke is the production of gas by-product.Ferro Silicon Lumps
    Gas Coke and metallurgical coke properties are compared as follows: resistance. A variety of $number mm of Coke, the relationship between resistance and temperature, according to the actual measurement shown in Fig. 4. The resistance of the gas Coke is greater than that of the metallurgical coke, even at a higher temperature, the resistance is still greater than that of the metallurgical coke. The important advantages of gas coke when the resistance is large. It has been proved by practice that some gas coke is used in smelting ferrosilicon, and the electrodes can be inserted into the charge deeply, thus reducing the power consumption.
    Chemical composition, gas coke contains a low fixed carbon, high ash, from the chemical properties, it is not as good as metallurgical coke. This is caused by the low coking temperature of the gas Coke. The carbon content of coal gas coke is low, and it should be added when reducing agent is used, and because of the high ash content in the coal gas coke, the slag quantity is also increased, on the other hand, because of the low carbon content and the poor mechanical strength of the gas coke. In smelting, there is often a carbon deficiency in the crucible and the lower part. Can be seen, smelting ferrosilicon all with gas coke to do reducing agent, the furnace condition is not easy to maintain.Ferro Silicon Lumps
    Porosity and reactivity, the porosity of gas coke is larger than that of metallurgical coke, which not only makes the 40~60﹪ of the gas coke bigger, but also expands the contact surface of the reaction, and the reaction ability of the gas Coke is higher, and the reaction speed is accelerated.
Cost, the price of gas Coke is lower than that of metallurgical coke 10~20﹪. The above-mentioned gas Coke has the advantages of high porosity, large resistance and low cost, but it also has the weakness of low carbon content, high ash content and poor mechanical strength. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use all gas coke when smelting, and can be used with metallurgical coke. The practical experience shows that the combined use of 30~40﹪ gas Coke and metallurgical coke has a good effect, and the unit power consumption is reduced.Ferro Silicon Lumps