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Ferro Silicon 75% Material Ratio

In the process of steelmaking, aluminum and silicon aluminum are strong deoxidizer, but the price of aluminum is expensive, and the density is small, the melting point is low, easy to oxidize, the use of most of the aluminum in the process of burning steel surface, the utilization rate of only 30 %; And silicon aluminum iron due to density, high melting point and easy to sink into the molten steel, so its utilization rate of up to 70%. The traditional method of refining ferrosilicon is to melt ferrosilicon and aluminum, which consumes a lot of aluminum and is expensive. The mine furnace is bauxite as the main raw material, its wide resources, low prices, a broad development prospects.Ferro Silicon 75%

As aluminum and silicon, aluminum and iron can be fused in any proportion, and aluminum and iron natural metal compounds, so the presence of iron, silicon, aluminum activity value is greatly reduced, so that the actual reaction temperature is lower than the theoretical starting temperature. Smelting aluminum and aluminum required temperature is high, so the key to smelting is the progress of furnace temperature, you can take the following measures: electrode spacing and furnace diameter than the smelting FeSi to be smaller; low voltage, high current operation, in order to facilitate the deep electrode; The use of larger than the resistance of charcoal, bituminous coal, gas coal for the reductant, in order to facilitate the deep insertion of the electrode; the use of high volatility of the bituminous coal scattered in the material surface, and to maintain the concentration of forced cutting and layered feeding combined to extend the stew time.Ferro Silicon 75%

From the natural process of silicon aluminum, the intermediate compound - the carbide is born, and the carbide is a high melting point, high conductivity of the material, if it is not destroyed, it is difficult to be discharged, and deposited in The bottom of the furnace, causing the bottom of the furnace up, and because of its strong conductivity, so that the electrode is difficult to deep insert, which further cause deterioration of the furnace conditions. From the natural process of silicon aluminum and the nature of carbide, its destruction must have three conditions: First, high temperature, the second is the excess of SiO2, the third is the presence of iron (so that SiO2 is easy to destroy), so as far as possible Furnace temperature at the same time, must also control the amount of carbon.Ferro Silicon 75%