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Ferro Silicon Alloy

            Fe-Si alloy is the replacement solid solution of silicon in iron, which belongs to cubic crystal system. The traditional Fe-Si alloy is obtained by rolling, and the silicon content is 0.5wt%~4.5wt%, the increase in silicon content is beneficial to the improvement of magnetic energy, in order to improve the silicon content, people began to spray molding and other methods to make the silicon content of 6.5wt% The thin ribbon of the magnetic core. The core loss decreases with the increase of SI content, the main reason is to reduce the anisotropy of the magnetic crystal, through high-temperature annealing can eliminate harmful impurities and defects (due to the compression of γ-phase range) and improve the resistivity. The effect of SI content on the loss is obvious in the high saturation magnetic induction material. 5.85~8.2GHz frequency band of iron-silica mixed powder permeability. In addition to fe87si13 mixed powders, the other samples were mechanically mixed and annealed with 300 ℃. The permeability of fe75si25 is the highest, close to pure iron, while the fe87si13 of industrial products is very low, which shows the magnetic properties and system of Fe-Si alloy.Ferro Silicon Alloy

            Magnetic powder is a combination of ferromagnetic powder and insulating medium to form a composite soft magnetic material, magnetic powder heart mainly divided into pure iron powder heart, iron and nickel alloy powder heart, iron silicon powder heart and iron silicon aluminum powder heart and other categories. Because the surface of the ferromagnetic powder particles is evenly covered with this insulating dielectric film, the resistivity of the magnetic powder core is high, so the eddy current loss is very low, which is suitable for the high frequency (20kHz above) application. In addition, the magnetic powder heart also has a high saturation magnetic induction, good frequency characteristics and constant magnetic conductivity, so that magnetic powder as an inductor filter, choke coil widely used in electronic communications, radar, power switch and other fields, has become an important component of soft magnetic materials.Ferro Silicon Alloy

            When the SI content is 6.5wt%, its permeability is high, the coercivity is low, the hysteresis loss is low, the resistivity is high, the magnetostriction is very small [7], and the iron-silicon alloy treated by single roll quenching can be used as a transformer core. It was found that the alloy was not oriented, and 1h was processed at 1373K temperature, which could crystallize the alloy and form recrystallization structure, thus improving the magnetic properties of the alloy, enhancing the permeability and reducing the coercivity.

             The direction of the iron-silicon alloy crystals is easily magnetized, therefore, in addition to improving silicon content, reducing sheet thickness and controlling the structure of the magnetic domain can reduce the iron loss, but also through cold rolling and annealing methods to obtain [001] direction of the preferred orientation to obtain high performance orientation at the same time annealing temperature and rate will also affect the fe87si13 silicon steel.Ferro Silicon Alloy