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Ferro Silicon Alloy Reduce Noise

Ferro Silicon Alloy Iron and silicon alloy raw materials without precious metals, such as Ni, M0, the cost is lower than the Ni-containing high magnetic flux core and iron nickel molybdenum powder core. The price is slightly more expensive than the powder core.

Ferro Silicon Alloy Low hysteresis coefficient, can be made into low noise filter.

Iron silicon aluminum alloy powder core, the temperature stability is good, the temperature coefficient can be composed of other components of the composite components, a very good temperature compensation.

The maximum magnetic induction of Fe-Si-Al alloy magnetic powder core reaches 10500 gauss.

Iron and silicon aluminum alloy core loss is low, much lower than the iron core. High temperature operating conditions, the magnetic core of the temperature rise is still much lower than the iron core, and MPP and High Flux magnetic core can be compared.

Ferro Silicon Alloy Titanium-aluminum alloy powder core has a good DC superposition characteristics, can work in high current state.

Iron silicate aluminum alloy applications

1) switch regulator inductance. EMB is most suitable for use in switching power supply energy source inductance. There are up to 10500 gauss and magnetic sense than the opening ferrite energy storage capacity is high, the magnetic core temperature is much lower than the iron core, in the same application under the premise of smaller than the size of iron powder.

2) Linear noise filter

EMB magnetic core is the ideal linear noise filter can be done, it has a smaller size compared with the ferrite core, available with fewer coils, the expansion of the core close to zero, so used in the audio range, Reduce noise.

3) power factor correction pulse transformer and flyback transformer

4) Since the EMB magnetic core has the characteristics of high frequency and low loss, it is successfully applied to the power factor corrector, but also suitable for pulse transformer and flyback transformer.