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Ferro Silicon Alloy's Attributes

Saturated magnetic induction intensity of 1.6 ~ 1.9T, iron loss 1 ~ 8W / kg. In addition to the use of punching, often made of thin strip, rolled into a core. The structure (grain orientation arrangement) is obtained by cold rolling and then heat treatment. Electric power industry for motors, transformers and so on. The electronics industry is mainly used for power transformers, magnetic amplifiers and so on.Ferro Silicon Alloy

Iron-silicon alloy: silicon containing 0.5% to 4% of the iron alloy.

 Features: ① hysteresis loss lower than pure iron;

           ② resistivity is also higher.

Processing category:

          ① hot rolling.

          ② cold rolling.Ferro Silicon Alloy


          ① silicon steel sheet to reduce the eddy current loss, the need for iron-silicon alloy hot-rolled into 0.35 or 0.5 mm sheet, washed into a certain shape, laminated use, it is generally known as silicon steel. It is the largest in the power industry, so often called electrical steel.

          ② cold-rolled iron-silicon alloy belt, in the rolling direction of the formation of Gaussian texture, in the rolling direction can make full use of its magnetic properties, reduce wear and tear. Depending on the frequency of use, the thickness of the belt is also different (usually 0.02-0.2 mm). Practical application of the cold-rolled iron-silicon alloy with insulation, winding, and finally made a certain shape (such as E-shaped, C-shaped, etc.) core.

Uses: suitable for use in high frequency and high frequency magnetic field, in the power industry, iron-silicon alloy is mainly used for motors, transformers; in the electronics industry, mainly for power transformers, audio transformers, pulse transformers.Ferro Silicon Alloy

1, switch regulator inductance. EMB most suitable for use in the switching power supply energy source inductance. There are up to 10500 gauss and magnetic sense than the opening ferrite energy storage capacity is high, the magnetic core temperature is much lower than the iron core, in the same application under the premise of smaller than the size of iron powder.

2, linear noise filter, EMB magnetic core is the ideal linear noise filter can be done, it is smaller than the ferrite core size, available less coil, the core of the telescopic close to zero, So used in the audio range, reducing noise.

3, power factor correction pulse transformer and flyback transformer

4, because EMB magnetic core with high frequency and low loss characteristics, so successfully applied to the power factor correction, but also suitable for pulse transformer and flyback transformer.