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Ferro Silicon Lump For Iron Casting Development

  As a result of the new flexible interface mechanism cast iron pipe pipe in China's development history is shorter, compared with other drainage pipe, people understand less, is the author in the construction of some of the experience, its performance, characteristics and engineering Application, do some simple introduction. ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting

  1, the new flexible interface mechanism cast iron drainage pipe profile

At present, the international general non-socket pipe straight pipe and pipe fittings (that is, this article focuses on the introduction of new flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe and pipe), according to its type of interface is divided into A-type flexible interface (flange gland connection) and W Type flexible interface (pipe hoop connection) two, referred to as A type and W type.

1.1 new type of flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe using high-speed centrifugal casting technology, with a dense organization, thick wall uniform thickness, smooth inner and outer walls, no sand and slag, tensile and compressive strength, the product has a stable chemical composition, corrosion resistance, Non-toxic, in line with fire safety and environmental requirements, no noise, no deformation, long life advantages.

1.2A tube: A-type tube with high strength, low noise, good fire performance, long life, the connection can be flexible and seismic performance of the advantages of good, but the actual project found in the connector part of the installation space required Large and more bulky body, more steel consumption, especially in high-rise buildings can not be accepted by the construction side. ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting

1.3W-type pipe: W-type pipe in addition to the same high strength, low noise, good fire performance, long life, the connection can be flexible and seismic performance characteristics, but also with the simultaneous construction, pipe utilization High, easy to clear the pipeline, reducing the number of hydraulic test, shorten the duration to improve the economic benefits of the characteristics. In addition, this type of interface with the bolt in the outer side of the fastening, to avoid the socket interface flexible interface flange easy to break, the wall of the bolts difficult to fix the defect, with the advantages of simple operation, so in the selection of building drainage pipe and pipe , With strong competitiveness. In addition, because the W-tube straight pipe length of 3m, greatly reducing the number of intermediate joints and can be cut in accordance with the need for any length, thus saving a lot of pipe, reduce consumption and cost. W-type non-socket pipe hoop with ribbed stainless steel clamp, lined with rubber ring flexible connection, high seismic performance, good sealing performance, allowing a certain range of swing and will not leak. Therefore, both at home and abroad, W-tube have been widely used. ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting

   2, material problems

As the pipe in recent years was formally large-scale use, and according to the requirements of the construction industry, the demand is increasing year by year, therefore, manufacturers are gradually increased, thus, the quality of the product is also good and bad, how to grasp the quality of the material , Will have a significant impact on the quality of the project. To this end, the procurement of materials should be strictly in accordance with the corresponding standard specifications, requiring pipe, pipe and processing of raw materials must be qualified products. Raw materials approach, in strict accordance with the requirements of storage and protection