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Ferro Silicon Lump For Iron Casting Iron Than Aluminum Wear

ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting What are the advantages and disadvantages of this cast iron engine and aluminum engine?

Your engine in the material point of view, mainly two things, one called the cylinder, one called the cylinder head. That the most important work, or the most critical thing called the cylinder.

The cover is on the outside, just like the cup outside the cup, the cylinder head is basically aluminum, because it is light, and the heat is better. You have to think about what we now Apple notebook, mobile phone, at every turn on the use of aluminum, and hard and light, heat is not good.

ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting The cylinder is divided into two categories, is the aluminum cylinder and iron cylinder.

What about this? Some are not all aluminum, and what some alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy what what, the price of a variety of expensive, cheap, in fact, have aluminum engine.

Aluminum Cylinders It is still still part of the cast iron material, especially inside the cylinder, because this iron is more resistant than aluminum.

Then we have the aluminum and iron I have to compare, first of all is the weight, the proportion of aluminum is much lighter than iron. As long as able to meet this strength requirements, aluminum down to light on a dozen kilograms, it means that the vehicle light weight, then the fuel consumption is relatively lower.

ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting The same displacement of the engine, the car weight reduction of 10% each, the fuel consumption by 6% -8% is not much of a problem.

That's just weight, let's talk about a volume again. The aluminum is lighter than the iron, the equivalent mass, the volume of the aluminum cylinder, usually larger than the iron cylinder.

So that the aluminum cylinder it is relatively larger than the cast iron to a circle. So what impact do we have on us? Or is the engine more compact, or is your ride space will be so little a little bit.

ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting Then we come to talk about a chemical and closer, that is, that corrosion resistance and strength. The corrosion resistance and strength of the aluminum, it is actually less than the cast iron that cylinder engine.

How about it? In particular, this turbo engine, the need for special high temperature resistant to high pressure of this, often with cast iron than aluminum to be relatively better. Small Japanese this turbo on the late, there may also be because they prefer to use aluminum engine is also a relationship.

But aluminum plus magnesium can solve a very good problem, you think, people are so dry BMW.

So that this comprehensive performance, because it is alloy alloy, it is behind the formula through the change, to the last of the last, continuous progress, I think it should be more powerful than cast iron.

Then we talk about money, aluminum is generally more expensive than iron. So that a certain German brand, in foreign countries is to use aluminum cylinder, to our domestic iron, and it I think it is not because of the strength of the problem or how, is to save money.

ferro Silicon Lump for Iron Casting Then in addition to this market preparation strategy, the cast iron engine it is better than the heat of the aluminum engine to be almost.

That heat difference means that you have to be equipped with water cooling and air cooling of the cooling system is relatively higher than the level of aluminum to be higher. Then you have this together, are also money Well.

So that the iron want to save money, your water and air cooling should also be used with the almost, in order to control the real cost down, it seems a bit unhappy, is it