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Ferro Silicon Lump High Stability, Chemical Inertia

Ferro Silicon Lump What glue can stick iron wall, quick-drying metal rubber repair gold glue what glue can stick iron wall insulation acid and alkali corrosion resistance to impact, anti-aging, stainless steel iron aluminum various metal bonding, the strength to reach the welding level. Iron off what glue can be used to re-stick together, the general people will only think of welding can do them well. But although the development of society, science and technology progress, and now the glue can also stick well.

First, the silicone material properties:

A. Silicone raw materials are generally gel-like, somewhat similar to the rubber mud, colorless translucent, tasteless. B. The main features are both high temperature (up to 300 ℃) and low temperature (minimum -100 ℃), is the best cold, high temperature rubber; at the same time excellent electrical insulation, thermal oxidation and ozone stability is high , Chemically inert. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is low, oil, solvent and acid and alkali resistance, more difficult to vulcanization, the price is more expensive. Use temperature: -60 ℃ ~ +200 ℃. The above is a description of the silicone rubber in the manual.

C. Use temperature: As mentioned above, the general set to -40 ℃ - 200 ℃, in the short term time up to 230 ℃. D. Aging problem:

Oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance is poor, and the relationship between the force is not.

E. Adhesive problems: in the absence of surface treatment, in addition to Ferro Silicon Lump products for adhesives and silicone parts of the adhesive, and other parts must be surface-activated viscous, plastic vulcanization treatment to stick. Anything that can be vulcanized or rubbed with rubber is referred to as a vulcanizing agent, also known as a crosslinking agent. There are many types of vulcanizing agents, and they are still increasing. The vulcanizing agents which have been used are sulfur, selenium, tellurium, sulfur compounds, metal oxides, peroxides, resins, quinones and amines.

F. Material hardness: plastic parts according to Shore hardness in the domestic market theoretically in the 10 degrees to 80 degrees between the choice. Can easily find the general in 20 degrees to 70 degrees, the most commonly used is 40 to 50 degrees.

Second, the silicone products production process:

General silicone products production process:

A raw material shape and color

B after color mixing after mixing by the milky white Ferro Silicon Lump of various colors of the film

C mixing plastic, the raw materials into a strip, cut into a one of the material.

D vulcanization molding

E trim, dismantling, inspection, packaging.

F. Finished product drawings

Third, the product size and characteristics:

A, limit size: the thickest can be done 15 ~ 20MM, if it is a sphere, can do the diameter of 30MM. General thickness recommended size is not greater than 3MM, when greater than 3MM, will spend more time and increase the cost of curing. The thinnest on the theory up to 0.2MM, but the design of the general to take the thinnest 0.3MM, recommended 0.4MM.

B, the relative size: the thickness of the difference, Ferro Silicon Lump the thinnest and the thickest suggested not to more than 3 times. Such problems mainly depend on the requirements for temperature and pressure when the material is vulcanized.

C, shrinkage rate. Silicone material shrinkage rate and the hardness of the material, manufacturers provide more than the material between 1.022 ~ 1.042 between 40 to 50 degrees for the material, generally take 1.03 shrinkage. Relative to the plastic, silicone products will not shrink due to similar to the obvious surface defects.

D, dimensional accuracy: silicone products for more than a multi-point, relative to the plastic products, the number of their points is very much. So there is no plastic products in the size control as convenient. The general accuracy of positive and negative 0.1, high-precision products for positive and negative 0.05. When used in conjunction with the plastic parts with the hole between the key, the gap to take a minimum of 0.1, Ferro Silicon Lump the recommended value of unilateral 0.2.

E, shape design: for the plastic sleeve parts, generally according to the product outline to the factory to provide the original map can be, with the description of the problem, by the mold factory to decide. Under normal circumstances, depending on the product size, plastic sleeve and the product is generally a small side of the small 0.2 to 0.5 negative deviation.