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Ferro-Silicon Market Stabilised In View Of Future

As time goes by, you by blink Spring Festival draws near, ferrosilicon market on the eve of the Spring Festival this year compared to last year, are in decline, the difference lies in the cost of production and profits and losses of the enterprise. Phase more Yu 2015 overall fell of market for, 2016 of market is were mixed has caused, has up has v, manufacturers also in third quarter profit, but is for profit and loss status of change, factory starts increased, market supply volume increased, again plus electric price, and blue carbon, production cost price rose, enterprise funds pressure suddenly increases, low price sold began appeared, market into inflection point, began fell.

From late November until now, close to two months ' time, from 72#5600 Yuan/ton fall in prices to the current mainstream settlement 4900 Yuan/ton, or 700 Yuan/ton, enterprises from surplus to deficit, especially in higher-cost areas in Ningxia. Price fell, cost upside down, part area enterprise production discontinued, or averting, production has reduced, near paragraph time of ferrosilicon market gradually enterprises stability, but for holiday is comes, logistics transport gradually tension, trade business procurement plans basic completed, this week of market sold is expected to more light, manufacturers production out of ferrosilicon will to inventory, although downstream metal magnesium price finally check fell and began rose, futures market recently performance also steadily bullish, but section Qian of market is expected to not has more big fluctuations, General Shang to holding stability mainly. Some manufacturers has not offers, merchants stocked largely complete, for having to wait and see.