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Ferro-Silicon Market Temporarily Weak Stability Running

Silicon market temporarily weak stability running today. Less due to the recent market turnover of ferrosilicon, most enterprises are previous orders or serving customers, new customers requests less turnover is less coupled with current weak market, Mills bid prices and raw materials fell Foundry production increased reduction, reduced demand for ferro-silicon market, spot market contradiction between supply and demand is still evident. No improvement possible in the short term.

Currently, Northwest of 72# ferrosilicon price is 4450-4550 RMB/ton, 75# ferrosilicon price is 4750-4850 RMB/ton. From July has decreased by 500 yuan per ton. Drop in Silicon prices, no improvement in market demand and the September price of silicon steel fell, for the industry of ferrosilicon Outlook more pessimistic views.

All in all, ferrosilicon and the current situation, reducing low low price deal, seeking hugs development and standardize the market order.