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Ferroalloy Production Methods

By using different devices can be divided into blast furnace method, submerged arc furnace, electric arc furnace, furnace method, such as vacuum resistance furnace and oxygen converter.

(1) method of blast furnace. Law on industrial mass production of blast furnace ferroalloys earliest used methods. Blast furnace smelting of Ferroalloy with high yield and low cost. Heat of combustion of Coke smelting. Coke is not only fuel but also a reducing agent.

Ferromanganese blast furnace structure is shown in Figure 1-1. Smelting Shi put manganese mine, and coke and flux from top respectively loaded into furnace within, high temperature air or rich oxygen by outlet drum into, makes Coke burning get high temperature for restore reaction, melting of metal and slag concentrated in furnace cylinder in the, through slag day, and iron mouth timing put slag, and out iron, with charge melting sinking from top constantly to joined new material, production is continuous for of.

Due to the low hearth temperature, alloy carburizing more method is mainly used for the production of high-carbon ferromanganese in blast furnace. Using oxygen-rich high-temperature process in blast furnace smelting low Silicon-manganese alloy grades success in power shortage area you can use this method.

(2) for submerged arc furnace method. Using carbon as a reducing agent in the production of Ferroalloy furnaces used ore reduction furnaces used by (the submerged arc furnace). Submerged arc furnace method is the main method of Ferroalloy production. Ferroalloy production is about 72% is produced by this method. Source of heat into electrical energy in the lead, using carbon as a reducing agent.