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Fesi Prices Stimulate The Market

Today, Silicon market seems particularly agitated, especially in ferrosilicon in recent days after the end of the Forum, market prices started to rise sharply, not just manufacturers offer increased significantly, ferrosilicon futures have been trading. Manufacturers confident for the future development of ferrosilicon, and plans to break the 5000 Yuan/ton, traders said prices came too suddenly, you need to slowly.

The enterprises participating in the ferrosilicon Symposium of 25 companies, occupies most of the Silicon manufacturer, the joint insured are menacing, although different manufacturers offer up today, but gains only increased unabated, and manufacturers say prices have further adjustments in the late. Current steel tenders are underway, there are some steel mills have yet to be finalised March prices, manufacturers the joint insured are determined to a larger, is bound to game with the steel mills. And fesi prices affected, magnesium metal and raw materials prices are rising rapidly, and rose about 500 Yuan/ton. Shaanxi metal magnesium price 12300-12500 Yuan/ton tax quotes, individual enterprises still rise 200 Yuan to 12500-12700 Yuan/ton pricing, prices will also rise.