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Foreign Ferrosilicon Production Development Trend

1. large submerged arc furnace. World's largest ferrosilicon smelting furnace has reached 105000KVA, Sweden WA gang a semi-enclosed electric stove, current production of standard ferrosilicon furnace in 30000KVA or above.

2. furnace rotary furnace. This furnace was first built by the Norwegian company AI, there are now three such stove during normal operation. This electric stove can be loose and easy to move to the core to prevent surface crust, overcomes the gas escape is not uniform and stab such anomalies, and the furnace gas and dust are all recyclable, you can also recycle gas heat, improve power efficiency of one-fourth.

3. silicon production process to realize computerized management and control. In the smelting process of ferrosilicon, available computer power parameters, electrode insertion depth. Electrode pressure, ingredient feeding control. This will reduce energy consumption 15%, improve dosing accuracy, furnace efficiency and productivity are improved, the quality is significantly improved.

4. using direct current instead of alternating current smelting. This will increase capacity, reduce losses, which can improve the utilization of power transformer, in addition, the DC electrolysis can also reduce the inclusions in the product.