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High Ferro Silicon Silicon Alloy

                  Fe-6.5wt%si Silicon Steel is a kind of soft magnetic alloy with excellent performance, compared with traditional silicon steel, it has more excellent properties such as high permeability, high saturation, low magnetostriction and low iron loss. However, with the increase of silicon content, the texture of silicon steel is brittle, the processing performance is worse, it is difficult to use the traditional method of rolling into the type, thus seriously restricting the production and application of 6.5wt%si Silicon steel sheet. Spark plasma sintering (Spark plasmasintering abbreviated as SPS) is a new material rapid preparation technology, which has the advantages of fast sintering speed and low sintering temperature, so as to keep the sintering material away from the equilibrium state and maintain the original state of the material.Ferro Silicon Alloy

                 In this paper, we envisage the preparation of iron-silicon coated powders, and then using SPS to get rid of the equilibrium state of the process, to obtain the original powder to maintain the natural state of the alloy block. The obtained block body is rolled and heat-treated to obtain the iron-silica strip. The process is improved by detecting magnetic properties. In the experiment, the iron-silica coated powders were prepared by ball-milling and mixture method, and the plasma sintering technology was used in 500 ℃, 600 ℃ and 700 ℃ respectively. 800 ℃, 900 ℃, 1000 ℃ heat preservation one minutes to get the Fe-SI alloy block, the research found that with the improvement of the processing temperature, the density of the block increased, and the microstructure analysis showed that the block body basically kept the original natural state of the coated powders. The block body obtained by SPS is rolled to obtain the iron-silicon alloy strip.Ferro Silicon Alloy

                  The results show that the density of the pressure delay samples is improved, and 0.25mm pressure is the best. For the mixture sample, the sample pressure delay after the 700℃sps treatment can get the most complete appearance shape. For the ball-milling samples, the 900 and 1000℃sps samples can be treated with a good shape. The heat treatment of the strip was further carried out in $number. 4%ar+5.6%h2 atmosphere with 1000 ℃ insulation 3h then in 1200 ℃ insulation 5h two times heat treatment system. After heat treatment, the silicon particles in the sample and iron form a replacement Fe-si solid solution. The results of the magnetic properties of the samples show that the final coercivity of 800 ℃ mixture is 4.01Oe, the Iron loss W10/50 is 3.28w/kg. The result is that the magnetic properties of the final samples are poor, mainly because the density of oxides and samples in the samples is not ideal.Ferro Silicon Alloy