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How To Avoid Ferrosilicon Powder

    Ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon are composed of silicon and iron by the composition of the crystal, but because of the different requirements of the work, some production will need to use ferrosilicon, and some production process will need to use ferrosilicon powder. But we know that for the large pieces of ferrosilicon, sometimes produce ferrosilicon powder off the situation, we call the ferrosilicon powder, this situation will be what kind of impact it.

    Ferrosilicon powder will cause no small loss, for such a problem, you can take appropriate measures to effectively avoid the ferrosilicon powder. So from which aspects to avoid ferrosilicon powder, mainly from the raw materials, operation, pouring, finishing storage and storage of all aspects of strict control, in order to effectively eliminate the phenomenon of ferrosilicon powder.

    1. To control the quality of raw materials, iron raw materials do not mix into the soil, steel slag, pig iron and other debris, determined not to buy the quality of substandard raw materials.

    2. Precise to control the ingredients, in the raw material stability, stable operation and normal furnace conditions, the proportion of impurities into the alloy is basically stable, fluctuating only in a very small range. The use of concentrate into the furnace, into the impurities less, after the reduction of impurities into the alloy less.

    3. For the burning of the ingot mold to be promptly repaired, after casting the ingot mold and timely spraying full cooling, the product casting thickness control within 80mm, generally not more than 100, to reduce the segregation of the alloy. Finished products should be placed in the shed with the library and timely processing bagging to prevent rain damp.

    4. Strengthen the management to do the whole process of control, from raw materials into the factory qualified into the furnace, smelting operations, baked casting, finished product processing storage, shipping and other links should be strict checks to ensure that the quality of ferrosilicon, thus eliminating ferrosilicon Powdery phenomenon.