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Introduce You FeSi Usage

(1) used as deoxidizer and alloying agents in the steel industry. In order to obtain qualified chemical composition and guarantee the quality of steel, in the last stage of the steel must be solid, chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is very big, therefore is silicon steel strong deoxidizer used in sedimentation and diffusion deoxidation. Add a certain amount of silicon in the steel, can significantly improve the strength of steel, hardness and elasticity, thus in smelting steel (0.40 1.75%) containing silicon, tool steel (including the SiO. 30-1.8%), spring steel (containing the SiO. 40-2.8%) and transformer silicon steel (2.81 4.8%) containing silicon, ferrosilicon alloy used to use. At the same time improve the inclusion shape to reduce gas elements content in liquid steel, is to improve the steel quality, reduce cost, save with iron effective new technology. Especially for continuous casting molten steel deoxidized requirements, the practice has proved that not only meet the requirements of steelmaking deoxidization, ferrosilicon is than major, and with the desulfurization performance of strong penetrating power, etc.

In addition, in the steel industry, the use of ferrosilicon powder at high temperature burning can release a large number of hot this characteristic, often used as a compound ingot cap so as to increase the recovery rate and the quality of ingot.

(2) in the cast iron industry as a nucleating agent and spheroidizing agent. Cast iron is a kind of important modern industrial metal materials, it is much cheaper than steel, easy to melt refining, with excellent casting performance and seismic capacity is far better than steel. Especially the nodular cast iron, its mechanical performance at or near the steel mechanical property. Add a certain amount of silicon in cast iron can prevent iron in formation, promote the precipitation of graphite and carbide spheroidizing, therefore in nodular iron production, ferrosilicon inoculants is a kind of important graphite precipitation (help) and spheroid

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