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Introduction Of Fabrication Technology Of Ferro Silicon Alloy

Smelting of Si-al-FE alloy by remelting is the melting of ferrosilicon, aluminum and steel scraps. According to the pre production of Ferrosilicon aluminum alloy grades and the smelting recovery of silicon and aluminum to calculate the raw material ratio, and then the Ferrosilicon and other raw materials broken into small pieces, weighing mixed, add medium frequency Induction furnace, under the protection of inert gas melting, casting into silicon aluminum alloy ingots.Ferro Silicon Alloy

Silicon-aluminum alloy is produced by hot-stamping of ferrosilicon and aluminum ingot, and the aluminum ingot is preheated in a molten iron ladle, which is prepared by the silicon-aluminum alloy, and is protected by adding ice crystals and other salts. The Ferrosilicon water will be poured into molten iron ladle to melt aluminum ingot, produce silicon-aluminum alloy, and then cast into silicon-aluminum alloy ingot.Ferro Silicon Alloy The production of Si-al-FE alloy by carbon-thermal method is based on silica, fly ash or bauxite (or other mineral containing $literal), steel chip and so on, coke or petroleum coke, bituminous coal as reducing agent, smelting Si-Al alloy directly in the electric furnace. The key to smelting is to make the furnace reach a higher temperature than the silicon-aluminum iron. The furnace temperature is high, the alloy aluminum can be high, the furnace temperature is low, the alloy contains aluminum also low. In order to achieve and maintain the high temperature in the furnace, the lower-level working voltage, larger polar circle power and higher current-voltage ratio are adopted than ferrosilicon, and the non-conductive refractory bricks are used as lining.Ferro Silicon Alloy At present, many domestic and foreign customers need c≤0.1% of ultra-low carbon ferromanganese, the content of carbon and phosphorus between the low carbon ferromanganese and manganese, manganese content is lower than the metal manganese. In view of market information, the high price of metal manganese restricts its wide application to some extent. Therefore, with the development of steelmaking technology, the use of high-quality Ferromanganese instead of metal manganese is an unavoidable trend.Ferro Silicon Alloy