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Introduction Of The Industry Prospect Of Ferro Silicon Lumps

    In smelting, we should pay attention to and master the change of silicon content of ferrosilicon in order to prevent waste. Therefore, it is one of the tasks of smelting workers to master the change trend of silicon content and adjust the silicon content properly. The low silicon content of ferrosilicon is related to the following factors: 1. The furnace condition is too sticky or the electrode insertion depth shallow, the thorn Fire is serious, the heat loss is big, the furnace temperature is low, the silica cannot restore fully. 2. Sudden addition of rust and powder of a lot of steel, or the addition of a short steel chip, easy to make ferrosilicon silicon content reduction. 3. Excessive amount of added iron or scrap. 4. Smelting time is not enough to iron or "run the eye." 5. Burn out the iron mouth and consume too much round steel. 6. After the heat shutdown, the furnace temperature of the first stove is lower.Ferro Silicon Lumps
    Whenever the silicon content of Ferrosilicon is less than 74%, it should be adjusted, as appropriate, can add a few batches of not strip of burden, improve the silicon content of Ferrosilicon. When the furnace condition is normal, the silicon content of Ferrosilicon is more than 76%, and there is a rising trend, the steel chip should be added to reduce silicon in ferrosilicon. Practical experience has proved that the larger capacity of the mine furnace, smelting 75 ferrosilicon, each reduction of 1% silicon, can be added to the $number kg. Additional steel shavings shall be added to the surface of the furnace or large surface, and not to the material surface of the iron outlet phase electrode.Ferro Silicon Lumps
    The output of Ferroalloy in China has been increasing yearly, and the overall growth rate has been maintained comparatively high. From 2011 to now although the ferroalloy production growth rate has gradually declined, but still maintained a double-digit growth, China's ferroalloy production continued rapid growth, making China has become the world's first ferroalloy production and consumption power. China's ferroalloy production accounted for about 40% of the world's output.
Before 2008, China was a net exporter of Ferroalloy products, with an annual output of more than 3 million tonnes and imports of 1.315 million tonnes in 2008. In 2008, the financial crisis affected the domestic consumption demand for ferroalloy fell sharply, coupled with the large expansion of China's steel production capacity, the demand for ferroalloy consumption increased, resulting in a sharp reduction in China's exports of ferroalloy and a sharp increase in imports.Ferro Silicon Lumps
     China's exports of silicon and manganese alloys have been declining in recent years as a result of the export tariffs of up to 20% per cent levied on silicon and manganese in recent years, coupled with the continued slump in the price of silicon and manganese and the high cost of domestic products and the intensification of international trade frictions. According to the Research institute data, the number of China's ferroalloy exports in 2016 was 350,000 tonnes, down 4.7% from a year earlier, and in 2016, China's ferroalloy exports were $720 million, down 17% per cent year-on-year.Ferro Silicon Lumps