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Let Me Introduce Silicon Carbide To You

English name: silicon carbide, commonly known as carborundum. Pure silicon carbide is colorless transparent crystal. Industrial silicon carbide because of impurities in different kinds and content, and a pale yellow, green, blue and black, transparency vary with the different purity. Silicon carbidecrystal structure is divided into six party or rhombohedron alpha SiC and cube of beta SiC (called a cubic silicon carbide). Alpha SiC because of its crystal structure of carbon and silicon atoms have different stacking sequences and many varieties, have found more than 70 kinds. Beta SiC at above 2100    into alpha SiC. Silicon carbide‚Äāindustrial manufacturing method is to use high quality quartz sand and petroleum coke in the resistance furnace refining. Refined silicon carbide piece, after crushing, acid and alkali wash, magnetic separation and screening or water concentration and made into products of various kinds of particle size.