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Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump All Kinds Of Use

   Galvanized iron and rubber vulcanized adhesive Why is it so difficult? I have tried a variety of processes and a variety of brand adhesives and rubber formulations, the bonding effect is not very good, bonding strength is far from rubber tensile strength. Degumming phenomenon is more, in the end is why? Also hope that we speak a lot, to discuss it! The factors that may affect the bonding are listed to exclude.Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump

There are several main reasons for personal understanding:

1, galvanized iron on the surface of oil, etc. are not handled clean.Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump

2, galvanized parts after passivation treatment, affecting the adhesive and the workpiece cross-linking reaction.

3, vulcanization pressure, temperature, time does not match.Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump

4, rubber formulation problems and not selected to the appropriate adhesive.

   What is the reason why silicone does not stick iron? Silicone encapsulation process often used hard iron metal material as the substrate, including solid and liquid silicone rubber sticky iron, non-bonding, local bonding or adhesive degumming and so on. Silicone adhesive iron bad factors are: ① no election on the glue ② glue the use of the process is not correct ③ silicone vulcanization process of rubber or glue poisoning.Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump

    What plastic glue is used for silicone gel

170 ℃ high temperature solid silicone adhesive glue CL-24C-2P; double disulfide solid silicone or liquid silicone adhesive glue CL-26AB glue.Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump

    Liquid silicone adhesive glue CL-26AB glue, need to be adjusted according to demand A: B ratio: ① glue ratio, according to the amount of adhesive material need to carefully look at the relevant product brochures; ② thoroughly cleaned iron surface coating, Dry after use; ③ liquid silicone and metal molding in the 140 ℃ or so hot vulcanization molding;