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Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump Environmental Safety And High Performance

What are the aspects of Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump that can be used?

  This is really a very important issue, related to its development and the market, which we open this article to discuss. As a product that can replace imported oil sealant, it should be widely used in machinery, chemical, oil, gearbox, front and rear cover, etc., in diesel engine factory, agricultural depot, automobile factory, shipyard and other supporting glue To water, gas, oil and other seals.

The performance of organic silicone sealant is excellent, compared with other materials it has a lot of advantages, mechanical, chemical equipment flange seal; various signs of shockproof moisture-proof adhesive thread pipe screw seal; excellent resistance Temperature characteristics, dielectric, weatherability, physiological inertia and low surface tension; the plastic interstitial ability, anti-aging, surface curing less than 20 minutes.

One-component sealed silicone Why is it so powerful?

  This is mainly determined by its composition, in its structure contains the "inorganic structure" and "organic group", so it has the inorganic structure and the function of organic matter in one, with non-toxic electrical insulation, Aging, flame retardant, and even oil, radiation resistance solvent, and so a series of advantages. Silicone Seal is currently in the application of products on the lamps, small appliances, electronic appliances, automobiles, ships, solar, aircraft, aerospace and other products, silicone sealant what advantages it can be applied so many industries are widely used? First of all, have to say, silicone sealant in the minus 60 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius under normal use; silicone sealant can be long-term resistance to ultraviolet radiation; silicone sealant itself, the insulation performance is very good, but also can do Into a conductor. Of course, the silicone sealant waterproof performance is also unquestionable.

Silicone waterproof sealant are all environmentally friendly sealant, silicone environmental sealant bonding principle is van der Waals force, Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump the surface of the adhesive does not produce corrosion. Although, relatively speaking, the silicone sealant adhesion performance is not as strong as other sealants, but the silicone sealant can be maintained for more than 10 years after bonding, unlike other corrosive surface sealant aging after a few years off. These reasons are the main reason for the pursuit of silicone sealant

At present, the silicone products, into the food industry, the medical industry, toys, abrasive, jewelry and other future silicone sealant will appear in more industries, the main reason is now the price of organic silicon products than ordinary products to your side, Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump With the growing shortage of oil, the price advantage of silicone will be slowly reflected. There is also the silicone product modification will increase the application. Such as silicone products modified to withstand higher temperatures, nuclear radiation and environmental safety performance is increasingly high. Steamship seals, aircraft seals, automotive applications will be doubled.Low Grade Ferro Silicon Lump