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Of Silicon And Manganese Will Drop? Traders: Crash Could Not Possibly Small Drop

Silicon-manganese market weakness this week cut, market instability, steel mills, merchants were wait-and-see situation, manufacturers have returned money demand, some manufacturers offer slightly lower overall price pattern of confusion.

Downstream steel city: November crude steel per month 66.29 million tons, chain reduced 3.23%, compared increased 4.7%, according to domestic December steel industry of reorganization combat efforts, December domestic crude steel production is expected to chain still will keep declined level, on Silicon manganese price of strong degrees for is a dangerous of signal; addition, recently from more to rule haze Decree punch attack, to Central second round environmental supervision, 7 provinces steel enterprises is focus monitored object, again has reorganization to bar, measures, makes steel price news, repeatedly rose rose, Superficially, steel production, but is not much demand for Silicon manganese, running basic stability, but now Silicon-manganese prices drop significantly, not in a hurry to purchase for January are still stocked in advance of demand. It is understood that the stalled some steel procurement, wait-and-see posture to run, not in a hurry to purchase.

At present, Silicon-manganese prices have loosened, the main reason is the State environmental inspection, steel production be affected temporarily weakened demand and silicomanganese production well, supply market is greater. According to market research, some factories due to the high cost than low price shipping and wait for the January trend of steel; there are some factories put future, under pressure from the capital chain tension low price shipping and merchants more calmly wait and see, in addition to order did not do too much inventory. However, as the year drew near, steel mills will be launched, "winter", or increasing demand for alloy. In addition, spot ore prices stay high, restricting small factories releasing capacity; electricity, Coke's costs rose sharply on alloy production costs also play a supporting role. Based on the above factors, expected future of Silicon manganese market remains more optimistic in December, Silicon manganese product prices will remain high.