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Our Hot-sale Product--Ferro Phosphorus

The Submerged-arc furnace for phosphorus production is a particular sub-type of electric arc furnace used to produce phosphorus and other products. The nomenclature submerged means that the furnace's electrodes are buried deep in the furnace burden. A reduction reaction takes place near the tip of the electrodes to facilitate the furnace's process.

Large-scale production of phosphorus uses the W?hler process.In this process, apatites (nearly always fluorapatite) are reduced in the presence of carbon (coke) and silica (gravel). This is performed in a submerged-arc furnace at temperatures of between 1150 and 1400C. The main internal reaction is described below:

Ca10(PO4)6F2 + 15C + 9SiO2    3P2(g) + 9[(CaO?SiO2)] + CaF2 + 15CO(g)

This main reaction produces a liquid calcium silicates slag, carbon monoxide gas and the desired product, phosphorus gas.

This process also has intermediate reactions, and as such, the phosphate rock created has imp