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Performance Analysis Of Ferro Silicon Lump

    Strong adhesive on the market can not live silicone material. Iron and silicone rubber at room temperature can be used to dry adhesive, KN300 glue can be firmly bonded to achieve the effect of tearing silicone does not degumming. But the glue curing time is slow, high prices, generally used for high demand, high environmental silicone adhesive field. Silicone material useful for its chemical and physical inert. The need for surface activation treatment agent, the use of instant glue to 5-15 seconds fast bonding heat resistance: mold silicone than ordinary rubber has much better heat resistance, can be used at 150 degrees almost no performance changes; Can be used continuously at 200 degrees for 10,000 hours; at 350 degrees can also be used for some time. Widely used in the requirements of heat-resistant occasions: hot water bottle seal pressure cooker heat handle.Ferro Silicon Lump

    Cold resistance: ordinary rubber late to -20 degrees ~ -30 degrees, that is, silicone rubber in the -60 degrees ~ -70 degrees still have good flexibility, some special formula silicone rubber can withstand very low temperature. Flammability: Silicone rubber itself is flammable, but add a small amount of flame retardant, it will have a flame retardant and self-extinguishing; and silicone rubber does not contain organic halide, which burns without smoke or release gas. All kinds of fire strict occasions. Ferro Silicon Lump

   Electrical properties: Silicone rubber has a high resistivity and its resistance is stable over a wide range of temperature and frequency. At the same time silicone rubber on the high-pressure corona discharge and arc discharge has a very good resistance. High voltage insulators, TV high pressure caps, electrical parts. A typical silicone rubber, the polydimethylenic siloxane, has a helical molecular configuration with a small intermolecular force and thus good resilience, while pointing to the helmets, which are free to rotate, Rubber has a unique surface properties, such as hydrophobicity and surface release. 502 glue iron and silicone rubber is sticky. Please special dedicated silicone glue!Ferro Silicon Lump