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Performance Method Of Ferro Silicon Lump

High tear-resistant silicone rubber-methods to improve the strength and tear resistance of silicone rubber are: to study the new method, adding high strength white carbon black, surface treatment of silica and some special additives in silicone rubber, and making silicone rubber and other organic polymers to improve the tearing resistance; change the linkage structure of silicone rubber molecules, Synthesis of a new silicone rubber with high tear resistance.Ferro Silicon Lump

The general use of silicone rubber materials are: rubber, reinforcing filler-commonly used for white carbon black, to prevent the white carbon black and rubber interaction with the structure of structural control agents, heat-resistant additives-commonly used ferric oxide as a cross-linking agent peroxide. The results show that using the high dispersive meteorological method to improve the strength and tear resistance of the vulcanized rubber.Ferro Silicon Lump Compared with the traditional rubber vulcanization molding process, the liquid silicone rubber molding process has the saving energy, eliminates the post treatment process, the product yield is high, the comprehensive cost low merit, therefore its widely applies in the electronic appliance, the daily chemical supplies, the textile, the manufacture and so on the profession.Ferro Silicon Lump 

Because of its hydrophobic and anti-fouling properties, silicone insulating materials can improve the flashover resistance of power transmission and distribution systems in harsh environments, and are used in manufacturing low, medium and high voltage insulators, hollow bushings, surge arresters and high-voltage insulating coatings. Compared with ordinary plastic and other silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber has a lot of prominent advantages and characteristics, such as in the extreme temperature is not easy to deformation, long-term exposure to strong ultraviolet radiation is very stable, cable accessories installed after the connection and seal better, can effectively prevent surface flashover and so on.Ferro Silicon Lump